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From the Vineyard to Your Palate

The Wine Experience offers the only wine education program in Hermann, Missouri.

About The Wine Experience

The Wine Experience is the first and only wine education and training center in Hermann, Missouri. Here, you will be introduced to the art of sensory analysis and instructed in the do's and don'ts of food pairing while enjoying great wine.

About Our Owners

Our owners, Rick Owsley and Larry Shoemaker, are wine professionals dedicated to enhancing your world of wine enjoyment. Both men, along with their wives Fay and Liz, strive to make your experience educational and entertaining.

Rick Owsley has a level one certification (IWC) from the International Sommelier Guild and is presently working on level two certification. He has worked in the tasting room of the Dierberg Star Lane Winery in Hermann for five years.

Larry Shoemaker is a former wine maker with Adam Puchta Winery in Hermann and has extensive knowledge of the workings of the vineyard and in the winery. Larry and Liz have served customers in the Dierberg tasting room for almost 10 years.


Mission Statement

The Wine Experience seeks to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of wine in

an elegant and relaxed atmosphere.


“The Wine Experience-WOW, what an amazing time. I have always been curious about how sommeliers came to recognize all the wine profiles and I have been interested in food and wine pairings. If you want to raise the bar on your wine knowledge, then I highly recommend the Wine Experience. The teachers are amazing and their knowledge is incredible.”

- Julie M. Hermann, Missouri

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